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4 Tactics To Get More Qualified Estimates From Your Website

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How General Contractors Can Qualify Their Website Leads And Remove Tire Kickers.

Securing qualified estimates is the lifeblood of a successful contracting business. In this article, we’ll explore four tactical strategies to streamline and enhance your lead generation process, ensuring that the estimates you receive are not just inquiries but promising opportunities.

1. Utilize a Survey-Style Form: Precision in Every Question

Crafting a survey-style form on your website is a strategic move to gather detailed information and filter out tire kickers and spam. By leveraging tools like JotForm, you can create intricate forms that pose targeted qualifying questions. This ensures that the leads reaching your inbox are not just numerous but genuinely interested and aligned with your services. JotForm also has many amazing features to streamline your workflow and make life easier as a contractor. Things like auto-responders, payment collection, E-signitures, and tons more for free. 

2. Harness the Power of Chatbots: Real-Time Qualification

Implementing a chatbot on your website serves as a dynamic tool to qualify leads in real-time. Whether it’s live or automatic, a chatbot engages with visitors, answering questions and gauging their needs before they even request an estimate. This not only streamlines the qualification process but also provides a personalized touch that resonates with potential clients. 

3. Automated SMS Follow-Ups: Seize the First 5 Minutes

Timing is critical in lead conversion. Implementing automated SMS follow-ups within the first 5 minutes of a new lead ensures you strike while the iron is hot. Prompt communication not only shows your responsiveness but also keeps your services at the forefront of the lead’s consideration, increasing the likelihood of turning an inquiry into a qualified estimate.

4. Calendar Widgets: Empowering Leads to Schedule Estimates

Simplify the estimate scheduling process by incorporating calendar widgets on your website. This empowers leads to book estimates at their convenience while providing crucial information about their projects. The seamless integration of scheduling tools ensures that your team receives comprehensive details, allowing for better preparation and a more efficient estimation process.

Maximizing the potential of your website to generate qualified estimates requires a strategic approach. By incorporating these four tactics – utilizing survey-style forms, implementing chatbots for real-time qualification, leveraging automated SMS follow-ups, and integrating calendar widgets – you’ll not only streamline your lead generation process but also increase the chances of turning inquiries into valuable opportunities. Embrace these tactics today to elevate your contracting business and secure more qualified estimates.

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