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5 Marketing Automations for Local General Contractors In Salem Oregon

5 Essential Marketing Automations for Local General Contractors in Salem.

In Salem, Oregon, many local general contractors are using technology to make their work easier and connect better with their customers. Among many tools, marketing automations are really helpful. 

They handle routine tasks, make sure responses are timely, and keep customers engaged, which is important for growing a business in a competitive place like the construction market.

The goal of this article is to show you 5 Marketing automations for local general contractors and local businesses in Salem Oregon can use to streamline their website and online marketing efforts. 

Let’s get into it

#1. Email Confirmation & Follow-ups

Being able to communicate well is key in managing your projects successfully. Automated emails for appointment confirmations and follow-ups help you keep in touch with clients without having to do everything manually. This saves time and avoids mistakes.

Additionally it is important to follow up with new leads as fast as possible as it really showcases the professionalism of your business over others in the area.

Use Case 1: Estimate Request Confirmation

When a client requests an estimate, they get an automatic email right away. This email confirms their request and gives them the next steps, contact info, and peace of mind that they chose well. You as the business owner will also get a notification for a new lead via email, sms, or an app push notification letting you know to get in touch with them. 

Use Case 2: Estimate Follow Ups

Sometimes people are just gathering a bunch of different quotes and you never end up hearing from them. Automated follow ups on your estimates can be a game changer in turning a potential buyer into a life- long customer because of one email or sms follow up. 

#2. Google Review Request Automation

Good reviews are very important for local businesses, especially for general contractors. Using automation to ask for reviews can really increase the number of positive comments on your Google Business Profile and ultimately lead to more organic traffic from Google. All on autopilot.

Use Case 1: Post-Service Review Request

After finishing a project, an automated system can encourage clients to leave a review. Asking right after a job is done makes it more likely they’ll give feedback while they’re still happy.

This can be sent to the client via email or sms, or both! The opportunities are endless. You can keep requesting them to leave you a review as often, or as many times you like.

#3. Google My Business Update Automations

Keeping your Google My Business (GMB) profile fresh and accurate is crucial for local search success and getting new clients. Automations can help keep your GMB looking good without much work.

Use Case 1: Regular Updates

Automatically update your GMB profile with new project photos, changes in service hours, or availability. This keeps your profile up-to-date for people looking for your services.

Use Case 2: GMB Chat Automation

Google allows you to enable a “Chat” button on your GMB profile for potential customers to send you a message straight through your GMB. You can set up an automation to respond to them and collect their project details and contact information automatically!

Use Case 3: Prompt Responses to Queries

Set up automatic replies to common questions on your GMB profile. While it’s best to personalize responses, automation ensures that potential clients get quick answers.

#4. Long Term Lead Nurture Automation

Keeping in touch with potential clients who aren’t ready to commit can lead to more sales later. Automated lead nurturing helps you stay connected without extra work from your sales team. This is a great way to stay top of mind for those who are shopping around but not ready to move forward just yet. 

Use Case 1: Special Offers and Reminders

Send out special offers or reminders for services that might interest leads based on their past interactions with your company. If you have a list of people who were interested in your roof cleaning, try sending them out a $100 discount on a roof cleaning and that there are only 4 vouchers left! This can re engage your list and create demand around your offer. 

#5. Missed Call Text Back Automation

Missing calls can mean losing business. An automation that texts people back when you can’t answer the phone makes sure potential clients know you’ll get back to them.

Use Case 1: Simple Follow Up

If you are on the jobsite working with your hands full and miss a call from a potential customer an automated text will go out to the lead and let them know you will call them back soon. This is a simple automation that lets them know that you are on top of it. 

Use Case 2: Gather Contact Info and Project Details

Additionally you could send them a text that starts a conversation, for example you could ask them about their project details and qualify them automatically to a point where you can pick up the conversation and call them back. 

Things to Keep In Mind

These are just some very simple and very common automations used by other local general contractors in Salem Oregon. The possibilities are pretty much endless when it comes to automations and it’s only going to get crazier. So pick up on the basics and start automating your tedious marketing tasks. 

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