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Best Lead Generation Website Features for Contractors

general contractor on his phone responding to new leads on the jobsite after finding new lead generation website features for his business

Lead Gen Website Features Every General Contractor Needs To Get More Projects

Discover lead generation website features for contractors that simplify your life and bring in more business. Explore top lead generation tools for a powerhouse business.

1. Missed Call Text Back

Picture this: a potential client gives you a ring, but you’re on the job site. No worries! The Missed Call Text Back feature ensures you never miss an opportunity. It sends a text, showing you’re on it and ready to chat. For example the text could be something like this:

“Hey, it’s [Your Name] from [Your Company Name]. Sorry I couldn’t take your call. How can we assist you?”

Simple, right?

This is huge because most people will continue to call other businesses if you don’t answer. Missed call text back will engage with the lead right away, allowing you to save leads you might be missing out on. 

2. Google Review Request Automation

Your online reputation is crucial nowadays. Think of The Google Review Request Automation as a quick and easy way to get more reviews. 

Encourage happy clients to share their experiences with ease. The more good reviews you have, the more people will notice your business.

This is good for your online reputation, and it also helps with your Google rankings. Simple automations can be set to send review links to happy clients so there is no need to keep doing it yourself.

3. Google My Business Chat

Want to chat with locals looking for your services? The Google My Business Chat feature on your Google My Business Profile lets you do that. 

It’s like having a virtual front door where potential clients can knock and ask questions. Have these leads sent straight to your phone so you can follow up with them.

You can also set a automation to reply to the lead with a custom message. 

For example: “Hello Thanks for reaching out! Could you please share your contact details and a brief overview of your project? We’re here to help!”

Keep in mind that you should always try to respond to these leads within 24 hours. Google pays attention and even says it themselves: 

“You should respond to messages within 24 hours. If you don’t, we may remove the “Chat” button from your Business Profile.”.  

After a conversation Google might ask the person how the conversation went and if it was a good experience. So always make sure you or your team are bringing their A game. 

4. SMS Lead Notifications

Timing is everything, right? With SMS Lead Notifications, you know exactly when a new lead comes your way. 

Quick responses impress clients and tells them that you mean business. It’s like having a personal alert system for your next big job.

Everybody has their phone on them and we all know that we check our texts way more than our emails. 

So not only do you receive leads quicker, you can now respond to them faster. This is essential for all contractors that want to land more projects.

You can also set a automation to reply to the lead with a custom message. 

For example: “Hello Thanks for reaching out! Could you please share your contact details and a brief overview of your project? We’re here to help!”

5. List Re-engagement

Staying in touch with past clients or interested folks is a game-changer. This is what List Re-engagement helps with. 

It can be a quick email, or an special offer. Staying in touch leads to more repeat business and referrals.

Imagine you just did a great job for a client. With List Re-engagement, you can send them a short email saying thanks for choosing you and share any cool offers or new services you have.

This keeps your business on their mind, so they might hire you again or tell their friends about your services. 

It’s all about making a lasting connection, so they remember you when they need contracting help. 


6. Local Citation Link Building

Building citations is about keeping your business info the same on various websites. This not only builds trust and credibility, it also helps your Google search rankings. 

Our citation link building feature can get your website onto 90+ of the best sites. This is one of the first things we do after launching a new website. You can find more info on our pricing page.

7. Website Chat Widget

A Website Chat Widget is like having a 24/7 assistant. It answers questions, guides visitors, and keeps them interested. You can use auto replies if you have a small business. 

Or use a live chat function for your support reps to respond to website visitors in real time. This adds another easy way to capture leads 24/7 for your contracting business.

So, there you have it – a sneak peek into the world of must-have website features for contractors. These easy, effective tools not only make your life simpler but also bring in more business.

If you want to take advantage of any of the features mentioned in this article you can check out our pricing packages and contact our team get to started right away.

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